EL 375B Waste Oil Boiler

  • BTU Input: 375,000 BTU per hour (110 kW per hour)
  • Fuel Flow Rate: 2.7 gallons/hour (10.2 liters/hour)
  • Water Output Temp. (max): 230 F (110 C)
  • Domestic Hot Water Output: 6 gal/min at 100 F temp rise (22 liters/min at 37.8 C temp rise)
  • Boiler Capacity: 43 gallons (162.75 liters)
  • Inlet Water Temp: 140 F minimum (60 C minimum)
  • Exhaust Flue Diameter: 8 diameter (20.32 cm diameter)
  • System Dimensions: 42 H x 28 W x 60 D (107 cm H x 71 cm W x 152 cm D)
  • Shipping Weight w/ 250 gal Tank: 1450 lbs (656 kg)
  • Operating Pressure: Low pressure, 30 psi
  • Approved Fuels: Used crankcase oils, ATF, No. 2 fuel oil, up to 90 weight gear oil and diesel fuel
  • Regulation and Certification: EPA-approved, UL-listed system, ASME-certified vessel, Canadian Registration (CRN) available in approved provinces for waste oil heating

ASME certified vessel construction, removable rear panel, small footprint, optional integrated domestic hot water coil, digital hour meter, wet floor based heat exchanger, metering fuel pump, accutemp preheater, integrated air compressor, flame retention head, swing open boiler door, AquaSmart technology, backlit display with touch-pad, pressure gauge, dynamic temperature reset.

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