Portable Radiant Heaters

Ideal Portable Heating Solutions

Central Cleaning Systems features portable radiant heaters from quality manufacturers Daystar and Val6. These heaters are a great way to provide warming areas for workers who are cleaning or working at an outdoor construction site or ideal in a shop or garage that isn’t heated. They’re also affordable!


Daystar Portable Radiant Heater

Daystar provides perfect heating with its well-honed technology for spot space heating in a large open area.

51,200 BTU/hr

EPX Portable Radiant Heater

Compared to our regular VAL6 series, the radiation disk is 20% larger. Because of this, the EPX is able to radiate the infrared heat to objects further and wider away.

High – 140,000 BTU/hr
Low – 100,000 BTU/hr

KBE5L (2-Step) Portable Radiant Heater

VAL6s radiant heat penetrates evenly and directly into surfaces just like sunlight.

High – 118,000 BTU/hr
Low – 100,000 BTU/hr

KBE5S Portable Radiant Heater

The KBE5S is not affected by wind, unlike forced air heaters that suffer from heat loss in the ambient air.  Heat penetrates evenly like heat from sunlight.

111,000 BTU/hr

MPX Portable Radiant Heater

The MPX with its advanced technology, uses both Infrared and convectional heating to offer the highest efficiency heating

High – 62,500 BTU/hr 18kW
Low – 55,500 BTU/hr 16kW